Packaging Design Workshops

A new event in 2018

Packaging Design

This new event is organized by CFIA and Benoît Millet, Director of the Nouvelles pratiques alimentaires Design Lab (Nantes Atlantique School of Design). It presents an overview of the latest issues in the field of packaging, as well as a look at future trends.

Thinking Design Workshops

To think and imagine packaging in terms of new consumer habits and uses.

  • These round tables feature discussions covering all these topics
  • Two themed sessions each day (10 a.m. and 2 p.m.):  

– Packaging and added value: add value to a product via its presentation (e.g., perfumery, technologies …) 

– Packaging and new distribution systems (e.g., drive-through, Internet …)


Showcasing innovative exhibitor projects

Twelve innovative packaging designs created by exhibitors and that meet current and future needs will be showcased for three days at the “Packaging Design Workshops” booth. This is an opportunity for visitors to learn about the latest technologies and discover the skills and expertise of CFIA’s exhibitors. Benoît Millet will draw on these projects to analyse the latest trends in Packaging Design. 




Showcasing student projects

Six projects from the School of Design and that highlight these topics and the relationship between new uses and packaging will be showcased.