Hygienic Design Award

Promote food safety by optimising engineering and hygienic design in the food-processing sector ...

EHEDG France will be in Hall 10 this year!

Although food safety is priceless, hygienic design has costs!

Hygienic Design Award

Because hygiene in food processing plants is an imperative, equipment manufacturers develop solutions daily to ensure the safety of processes and food products.

EHEDG France and the CFIA reward these initiatives by awarding for the second year the Hygienic Design Award: “Prix de la conception hygiénique” (PcH)

Applications will be evaluated by an international jury of experts, according to different criteria of hygiene design and innovation.

The winner will be announced at the CFIA and the award will be presented by the presidents of EHEDG France and EHEDG International.

Do you want to promote your company’s know-how and innovation in hygiene design? So the PcH is for you.

Vous voulez valoriser le savoir-faire et l’innovation de votre en entreprise en conception hygiénique ? Alors le PcH est pour vous.

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2018 Application Form
To be returned no later than 16th February 2018
Contest Terms and conditions and Commitment form
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