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Connecting students with the food-processing world!

A short description of Work In Agro!

How can you increase effective connections between businesses and students? How can you generate positive and beneficial leads for employment and training? 36 major French food-processing companies are attending Work in Agro to promote their employer brands and meet the talents of tomorrow. Their goals are to inform students about the variety of careers in the food-processing sector, encourage new vocations, identify future talent …





Informing and encouraging new vocations!

36 companies will be at the Work In Agro booth in 2018 !

Located at the heart of CFIA, Work In Agro is a 70 m2 space where manufacturers can advertise their companies and opportunities (work experience, apprenticeships, and/or job offers).

The food-processing sector is a dynamic sector that innovates, hires, and is constantly modernising itself via technological and regulatory changes. It also enjoys a positive reputation among young people. They are the ones who will work in the sector in the future !


Students ... Meet, network, apply!

Why shouldn’t students, employees, and CEOs network directly in a dedicated and friendly place?

1,800 students visited in 2017!

Young people looking for an apprenticeship, internship, or job got concrete answers to their questions – and sometimes even landed a job! Work in Agro also offers companies appointments with students via Jobalim’s job dating web portal (http://www.jobalim.com/), a recruitment website dedicated to professionals and future professionals in the food-processing sector.

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