Official Partners

  • ABEA


    Association Bretonne des Entreprises Agroalimentaires (ABEA) protects and serves the interests of food companies across Bretagne. With its joint initiatives and programmes, its prime goal is to heighten the competitiveness and performance of businesses with respect to the challenge of the sector.

    ABEA cover different themes : 

    • Financial efficiency : Environnemental efficiciency and energy efficiency ; health and nutrition, performance of the purchasing role for very small businesses and SMEs.
    • Social performance and promotion of skills : health at the workplace, prevention of occupational hazards, digitalisation of HR assignments, Promotion of skills and enhancement of the sector.


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  • BDI


    Bretagne Développement Innovation (BDI) is the regional agency for economic development and business innovation. This body created and financed by the Regional Council acts in forward-looking sectors involving the energetic, ecological, and digital transformations that are taking place in companies and local areas:

    • Smart grids (SMILE project)
    • Marine renewable energy
    • Digital technology at the service of the agricultural and food-processing sectors (AGRETIC and Food-Processing Plant of the Future platform)
    • Cybersecurity
    • Racing sail (Eurolarge Innovation)

    BDI offers:

    • Support for setting up projects (at the regional, national, and European levels)
    • Support for businesses presenting project proposals
    • Macroeconomic studies, surveys, charts

    BDI’s national and international projects all display a unique signature: the BRETAGNE brand.


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  • Carsat
    Carsat Bretagne

    The Health insurance - Occupational hazards through Carsat Brittany acts to durably protect the security and health from all the employees of the companies of the general scheme. With 600 accidents and occupational diseases per hour worked, the occupational hazards (accidents or diseases) have a direct cost of 14 billion euros for the companies, not counting the indirect costs: loss of competitiveness, reorganization of the teams, related spendings to the absenteeism, brand image, difficulties of recruitment.

    Carsat Brittany encourages the companies to act for good conditions of work. With its teams of experts, it accompanies the companies by advices, formations, interventions and financial aids. The expected result is the improvement of the performance of the company on its attractivity, health and the wellness with work, the development of consumer loyalty and the motivation of the employees, satisfaction customer.

    In addition to its other mission of preparing and of paying the retirement of the general scheme, Carsat Brittany also ensures, a mission of accompaniment for the public ones weakened and the seniors. It supports, for example, the return to employment after an accident or an occupational disease thanks to the support of assistant of social service.


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  • Club PAI
    Club PAI
    Club PAI


    Club PAI: a non-profit association that gathers professionals of the ingredient sector. At the heart of a «rprofessional Network», Club PAI is based on B2B professionals, all involved in the food ingredients, additives, semi-finished products and services.

    Generator of specialized professional information, creator of links, it is a convivial circle of exchanges between supplier, producers, users: it generates synergies, alliances and open innovation.

    The ambitions of the Club PAI are to defend, promote, stimulate ingredients and semi-finished product’s developments, generate innovation, synergies, knowledge and skills, and contribute to the dynamics of this specific sector, one of the few that has remained in growth despite economic or health crises.

    What we do ?

    • Provider of information for Decision Making, Creation & Innovation. We organize theme-based meetings / conferences, lunch-and-learn sessions on topical issues, relevant and revealing plant visits, and conduct ad hoc market research on innovative topics.

    • Networking. Club Pai has partnership with the main professional shows and events, which allows its members a visibility, a sourcing of innovating information, and priority access opportunities. Our networking meetings will allow you to meet relevant people in a friendly environment. Our proprietary ingredient Database allows you to be contacted by buyers, designers, innovators, R & D, partners looking for suppliers, partners or opportunities.

    • Media and professional visibility. We offer you media adapted to B2B messages: the PAI Letter - bilingual - distributed on major international exhibitions (SIAL, IFT, HIE and HIA, FIE and FIA, FI India, ANUGA, CFIA, BENEFIQ, etc.), the PAI Contact, Bilingual monthly electronic newsletter distributed to more than 6,500 contacts. Two conditions for joining the Club: 

      • Being a professional of the ingredient sector 
      • Making the request which will be submitted to the board of CLUB PAI. Annual Fee: €900, free of tax.


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    “For more than 20 years, IFRIA Bretagne has been the Apprentice Training Centre (CFA) for the food sector in Brittany.

    17 apprenticeships, from vocational training to engineering, are offered to all young people aged 16–30, irrespective of past education and/or professional objectives – production manager, industrial maintenance technician, line operator or driver, QSE supervisor, logistics agent, technical salesperson ...

    In 2018 and 2019, IFRIA Bretagne will train more than 350 apprentices.

    They are beginning an apprenticeship training that will provide each of them with the keys to succeed and thrive ... and invent the food-processing sector of the future!” 

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  • Valorial

    Want to accelerate your innovations ?

    Valorial, the agri-food innovation cluster based in the west of France, in the heart of Europe’s largest agri-food area, brings together 350 processors, research centres and academic institutions. Valorial is a front door to access to industry, research and technological skills on West of France agri-food. We help you develop and fund your food innovations by supporting collaborative innovation projects. Our core busines, values and team. Valorial identifies, sets up and supports collaborative R&D and innovation projects since 2006.

    Values : #Listening #SmarterFood #Opening #Competitiveness #Friendliness

    Team : 15 people, 3 departments : project, innovation, promotion

    Our expertises: 

    • Quality and food Safety
    • Health & nutrition (human & animal)
    • Functional ingredients
    • Innovative technologies & packaging
    • Uses & food marketing

    Our service chain: from the the market !

    • Project engineering & consultancy services for project set-up
    • Specialized intelligence:  Sciences & technologies, Food trends & markets, Nutrition health, Thematic studies
    • Innovation management consultancy
    • Search for project partners
    • Financial engineering
    • Project management assistance
    • Networking support
    • Promotion / Communication

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