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31 January 2017

2016 best year ever for funding robotics startup companies

2016 best year ever for funding robotics startup companies – Les startups dans la robotique ont levé 1,95 milliard $ en 2016, 50% de plus qu’en 2015 ! #Digital #Startup #Innovation (Source :

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3 January 2017

What Happened in Ag and Foodtech in 2016? Experts Reflect

We talk to two food and agtech experts about the innovation and investment trends they’ve noticed in ag and foodtech in 2016… Andy Ziolkowski from Cultivian Sandbox Ventures and Josh Balk from the Humane Society are both advisors to the Rethink Ag and Food Innovation Week, which will be taking place in March in San Francisco, and they’ve both been on the ag and foodtech scene for several years now. (

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Packaging design trends of 2017: High-tech, simple, functional

-While sustainability and simplicity will continue to be major packaging trends in the new year, changes are coming for food and food packaging, according to a new report from UK-based design and packaging firm Slice, published on FoodBev Media. -Crafty nostalgia is expected to extend to artisanal food and beverage producers beyond craft beer brands. Slice also expects brands to embrace artificial intelligence as a way to expand their presence, visibility and interaction with consumers. -Other packaging trends predicted for 2017 include ceremony; convenience and on-the-go; customization and personalization; and specialty spirits. (

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10 innovations that could disrupt grocery in 2017. Amazon-led innovations, IoT, locally grown…

Few times in history have rapid advancements in technology and breakthrough innovations had the ability to disrupt the grocery business model in such fast and all-encompassing ways. Retailers find themselves challenged by everything from changing consumer shopping patterns and mobile payment methods to inventory management issues and fresh product procurement approaches. Here are 10 disruptive innovations that could change grocery in 2017… (

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