Why Exhibit?

Why choose CFIA?

Exhibitors display a relevant range for visitors at an event where know-how, skills, and innovation are combined. These are all tremendous assets for the food-processing sector!

Exhibiting at CFIA:

  • Increases your visibility


  • Expands your network and positions your company more effectively on the market and for exports


  • Provides information and the means to identify emerging trends (via the booths of exhibiting companies, the conferences, the web TV, the events…)

Who visits the exhibition?

Visitors attend to find solutions that correspond precisely to their specific needs and their food-processing chains. Everyone who works at the heart of factories, from production to R&D and Marketing, comes to CFIA.

In 2016, 98% of visitors were satisfied with the results of their visit, and 90% reported having discovered new products. Proof that CFIA is a terrific source of contacts and new projects!

Exhibitors’ accounts : in their words

In 2016, CFIA once again supplied what the exhibitors are looking for, as far as both quantity and quality: the deals and contacts that manufacturers were able to make over these three days are the proof of the pudding …