Hall 6 / Stand A2-D3

L’usine agile – L’Usine Agro du Futur


In 2019, the CFIA will have an additional hall housing the Usine Agro du Futur hall (Food Factory of the Future) sponsored by Bretagne Développement Innovation (BDI), Valorial and their partners and backed by the Region of Brittany. This is where innovation in the food industry gets invented!

A real showcase for innovation

With 4 dedicated areas, come and discover a prospective vision for the Food factory of the Future

“Innovation Hub / Partners of Innovation”

Backed by Bretagne Développement Innovation, the cluster Valorial and the Region of Brittany, the Food Factory of the Future area includes many innovation partners to food industries in Brittany and Western France.

12 experts will be present:


Created and funded by the Regional Council, Bretagne Développement Innovation (BDI) works in the growth sectors of energy, ecological and digital transition that companies and regions are currently going through.


Valorial is a food industry cluster operating in Western France. Its goal is to identify, develop and support innovative and collaborative R&D projects in 5 areas of expertise: Animal & Human Nutrition, Food Quality & Safety, Production Technologies, Processing & Conservation, Functional Ingredients, Farm & Food Marketing.

Act Food Bretagne

Act Food Bretagne is an alliance of Breton technical centres: ADRIA Développement, VEGENOV, IDMER, CEVA and ZOOPOLE Développement. The alliance aims at bringing together tools and expertise in innovation to boost regional economic development for companies and agricultural and food sectors in Brittany.

  • ADRIA Développement / Breizpack: Centre of food industry expertise, leader in food quality and safety

  • CEVA: Centre of expertise and processing of algae and marine plants

  • IDmer: Research and development centre specialising in processing of marine products

  • ZOOPOLE Développement: Technical centre devoted to animal health and food quality


The Breton Association of Food Industries (ABEA) defends and represents the interests of companies working in the food industry in Brittany. Through its actions and collective programmes, it aims to strengthen corporate competitiveness in the sector.

AgriFood Transition

Carnot AgriFood Transition conducts R&D for several hundreds of companies in the fields of agriculture, aquaculture and the food industry. For these innovative companies, AgriFood Transition is a doorway to the skills of more than 700 scientists and engineers, from technical centres and public research institutes in Brittany and the Loire region.

Bretagne Commerce International (BCI)

The Regional Council of Brittany and the CCI Bretagne make use of this association to internationalize the Breton economy. BCI helps Breton companies to develop abroad and accompanies foreign investment projects in Brittany.

CBB Capbiotek

A Centre of Technological Innovation to promote regional economic development through innovation in biotechnologies and chemistry. The centre supports industries in putting together innovative projects and accompanies them with their R&D work. The centre also manages the biotechnologies sector in Brittany and leads the Capbiotek network, and works to bring together the biotech and food sectors.


Industrial technical Centre (CTI) certified as an Agro-Industry Technical Institute (ITAI) by the Ministry of Agriculture. The centre conducts pilot tests and provides advice and assistance, analyses (food safety, packaging safety, nutrition) and training for the food industry. Historically, the CTCPA conducted collective research and provided technical-regulatory support for the canning, drying and frozen vegetable sector.


a technical resource centre for production technology, devoted to automation, robots and industrial process traceability. It helps companies to evaluate and integrate production technology into their plants.

Photonics BRETAGNE

supports innovation and economic development in the Breton photonic sector, from the manufacturers of optical components to end users. In particular, the association helps companies integrate photonic technology into their food processes: food safety, product quality, real-time in-process testing.

Pôle Cristal

Specialising in Refrigeration, Climate Engineering and associated technologies, the Pôle Cristal assists companies in developing their innovations. Its expertise and resources are available for developing new products or improving existing ones.

CEA Tech Bretagne

CEA Tech is the technological research center of the Atomic Energy and Renewable Energy Commission. Financed by the Région Bretagne, the Department of Finistère, Quimper Bretagne Occidentale and the European Regional Development Fund FEDER, it deploys regional technology transfer platforms serving industrialists with the aim of strengthening their competitiveness. Located in Quimper and dedicated to the processes of agrifood and agriculture of the future, CEA Tech Bretagne aims to promote the emergence of industrial activities for the future in Brittany.


The Showroom

Innovative Demonstrators on the theme “AGILE FACTORY”

More than fifteen companies and technical centres offer visitors a new circuit of innovative demonstrators. Robotics, cobotics, artificial intelligence, 3D scanning and printing, photonics, industrial vision, data science, IOT, etc. All these technologies, already available or under development, are explored in this unique showroom!

Come and see concrete solutions on a working agile production line. The showroom offers 3 operating levels to meet issues facing the industry daily: a “Production Equipment” level, a “Future Operator” level and finally a “Factory 4.0” level integrating data with MES supervision. The notions of flexibility, modularity, interoperability, connectivity, but also space and workstation ergonomics, are important elements in the design of this agile production line. It was designed with 10 industrial partners from Western France, mainly Brittany: Guelt, Linpac, Groupe API, Bizerba Luceo, Altenov, Photon Lines, Usitab, E-Mage-In-3D, Omron and Gobio.

5 other demonstrators will also be present:

Collaboration operator / sensitive conveyor / cobot – LabSTICC-ENSIBS

This demonstration illustrates the cooperation between an operator and a cobot through a smart, sensitive conveyor that provides a flexible interface between the operator and the cobot. The goal is to ensure product traceability and meet the challenge of following the product throughout its manufacture. If the flow of production between two machines stops, the products accumulate in a temporary mini-stock with the risk of losing the order of products when production starts up again.



For its customer F2O, Artefacto developed a meat cutting training solution using Virtual Reality. F2O trains several hundreds of people in this field every year. Training for new recruits is crucial. So F2O entrusted Artefacto with the development of an innovative training tool comprised of 3 modules:

  • Virtual visit of cutting workshops: to discover this professional workspace and attract new employees
  • Cutting theory training module: to learn and understand the expectations of the profession. This module is also used to evaluate learners’ knowledge, by means of a modular quiz.
  • Practical Virtual Reality training module: to learn the right gestures and good practices for cutting that is safe and preserves the raw material.

During the CFIA, Artefacto will be presenting these 3 modules in immersive supports (HTC Vive Virtual Reality headset) and on screen. You will also be able to discover their real-size Augmented Reality solutions, adopted today by equipment manufacturers to present their technologies, during project reviews and sales meetings.

FLOWPAD, Rapid detection of pathogens in food industry and farming processes - CEA Tech Bretagne


Leti, a CEA Tech institute, has developed a field tool to detect pathogens in less than 2 hours. The prototype on show includes a complete process from raw sample to the results, including all the steps of sample preparation (concentration, lyse, purification, etc.) and biological analyses and detection methods (qPCR, RPA, LAMP, etc.).

Pilot autoclave with integrated 4.0 measurement and control system - CTCPA and Steriflow

The autoclave pilot software OPTIBAR+® developed by the CTCPA and AgroParisTech, offers a new dimension in core temperature monitoring in heat-treated products. Using real-time digital simulation, the system offers real progress in:

  • Automatic calculation and assisted experimental optimisation of batch heat treatments, based on a target Sterilization Value at the end of the cycle (including cooling).
  • Possible monitoring of an autoclave in industrial production: Application to management of all types of production incidents offering in real time corrections to be made to autoclave programming.

3D for agile maintenance and design - Institut Maupertuis, CRT Morlaix, SUNI ENS Rennes

The digital line in the Factory of the Future - from 3D scan to 3D manufacture - rapidly solves issues facing industrial maintenance teams. These tools are now accessible to all, reducing equipment downtime and maintenance costs and making production tools more flexible.

The demonstrator shows the tools required to mount a digital 3D redesign and manufacturing line for spare parts, adaptive tools, moulds or packaging prototypes optimised for the products. (Credit @ CEA)

FoodTech Village

The FoodTech Village includes twenty innovative companies providing new equipment and process, ingredients/PAI, packaging and digitalisation solutions for food factories.


Acsystème was created in 2002 in Rennes by a team of automation engineers and provides industries with systems analysis and control solutions: mechanical and electrical systems, continuous processes, signal processing, modelling, simulation, data analysis and algorithm design.


Five innovative companies in Western France united in 2018 to created ATL-EN-TIC to offer a complete range of technologies and services devoted to industrial energy intelligence: sensors and IoT (NKE Watteco), artificial intelligence (Energiency), energy production and storage (Entech SE), flexibility on the electricity grid (Enerdigit) and engineering (Akajoule).


Created in 2017 in Rennes, the start-up B°Ker offers connected solutions to safeguard work, equipment and products in R&D departments of logistics infrastructures. Based on the use of new technologies and the Internet of Things, the B°Ker solution provides real-time monitoring on a telephone or computer and alerts in the event of a problem. Temperature, humidity, pressure, dry contact, etc. the data captured and measured are many and varied.

CONCEPT Maintenance

A start-up created in 2016 in Binic (22), CONCEPT Maintenance is specialised in the manufacture of special machines for the food industry, in particular tools of industrial pancake production reproducing the aspect of a handmade product and a cooler that uses a new process in the pancake business.


Created in 2016, the start-up Cylaos supports the industry in integrating 3D printing solutions and additive manufacturing. (Sales of 3D printers for professionals, training, maintenance; conferences, seminars, advice in companies to discover and assess the advantages of additive technologies). 3D printing can be used at all industrial stages of a project, in prototyping, to produce tooling/parts, to integrate continuous improvement measures, make spare parts and simplify maintenance.


a start-up founded in Rennes in 2015, it has developed a Big Data Science platform on which applications automatically produce recommended measures to solve business issues. By combining internal data with external influences (weather, geomatic, demographic, sociological, etc.) and by submitting them to Artificial Intelligence, the system can make recommendations of measures to help business in their missions (production, marketing/sales, logistics, etc.).

Green Tropism

GreenTropism is specialized in embedded software in the field of mass market and industrial spectroscopy. The company develops powerful data analysis algorithms for large players of the embedded technology (IoT, telecom, household appliance ...), the agri-food, the chemistry, the environmental and the energy markets. GreenTropism relies on strong partnerships with technology companies and research institutes like the IRSTEA, and on a team of biologists and data scientists, experts in bio-computing, predictive analysis, genetic and learning algorithms. Its mission is to bring industry professionals easy-to-use, predictive and accurate data analysis software that instantaneously analyzes the organic matter, providing precise results to drive any application or command control system.


Created in Colombelles (14) in 2006, Inodry is specialised in the stabilization of active ingredients in powder forms (amino acids, aromas, bacteria, dyes, enzymes, plant extracts, essential oils, yeasts, minerals, probiotics, vitamins) from the development to the industrial stage. Inodry has developed an innovative dehydration, granulation and coating process for sensitive substances to preserve their organoleptic qualities, their stability and to facilitate their use and storage.


KERHIS is specialized in the publishing, design and development of business IT solutions for cooperatives, traders and agribusinesses. Our purpose is to increase the efficiency of our customers in order to enable them better agribusiness. Thanks to our IT expertise and our specialized business knowledge of animal and vegetable agricultural sectors.


Created in Rennes in 2015, the start-up Microbs designs and produces ultra-rapid solutions enabling food industries to evaluate the microbiological quality of their products.


Created in 2018, the start-up Moovency has developed the tool Kimea, which assesses the ergonomics of industrial workstations. The Kimea technologies quantifies the risk of RSIs using just a depth camera and requires no wearing or sensors or special technical skills.


This start-up created in 2016 has developed new methods for extracting perfect products with optimal efficiency. Its goal is to recover 100% of the biomass and works on processes to extract and use the proteins from co-products. In particular, Mussella offers a sustainable solution for processing the coproducts from mussel production.

NG Biotech

NG Biotech est une entreprise innovante de biotechnologies créée en 2012 à Guipry (35) qui est spécialisée dans la R&D, la fabrication et la commercialisation de tests rapide de diagnostic in vitro pour la santé, l'alimentation, l'agroalimentaire, l’élevage etc.


Created in Dijon in 2012, Novolyze develops and manufactures dry and ready-to-use surrogate microorganisms to help food companies perform in-plant preventive control validations. Several surrogate formulations have been qualified for different kinds of products (spices, nuts, powders, cereals, pasta, baked goods, petfood, etc.), processes (extruder, steam pasteurizer, oven, dryer, etc.), pathogens (Salmonella, Cronobacter sakazakii, etc.). Its innovation SurroNov® represents a wide range of non-pathogenic surrogate formulations, ready for use and designed to validate industrial processes.


Passionate about the benefits of nutrition on health and the huge potential of seafood products, Polaris goal is to recover the functional lipids from marine co-products for their health benefits. The company is now expert in the field of Omega 3 health lipid and is an example of success in Breton, French and international biotechnology.


Polytec develops, produces and distributes custom optical solutions for research and industry. The company works in a wide range of sectors including aeronautics, medical, nanotechnologies and mechanical engineering. Their leading-edge technology is used to measure sensitive production processes, products and procedures.


Created in March 2017 in Briec (29), the start-up Westair designs and manufactures innovative machines and processes for the transfer, dosage, cleaning and inspection of all types of pipes (powder, granulates, liquids). It offers innovative solutions for aquaculture and pig feeding, laboratories, hatcheries, etc. Westair is presenting Multiways®, a hygienic multichannel stainless-steel valve used to create or improve industrial processes by reducing the number of pipes in use.


The International Networking pole

A space devoted to networking and international meetings, coordinated by the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

For the second year running, Usine Agro du Futur is confirming its international dimension. Organised jointly by Europe Network (EEN), BDI, Valorial, Bretagne Commerce International, Photonics Bretagne and the CCI Innovation Bretagne, this International Networking area is specially for networking and international meetings.

CFIA attendees will discover several events:

  • Networking meetings: 20-minute meetings arranged before the show to promote exchange between French and international participants.
  • Three themed conferences organised with European partners
    • the Eprise project of which Photonics Bretagne is a partner
    • the New Frontiers in Food project of which Valorial is a partner
    • o the themed partnership S3 for the food industry 4.0

More information and registration on the specific platform